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EYC Dance Team

We all have been blessed with unique and diverse, gifts, talents, and abilities. God works in various ways through each and every one of us, and we should aim to serve Him devotedly as we utilize our gifts to exalt God. We ought to invest the gifts and talent that God gifted us with wisely. We should utilize our gifts and talents to glorify God and to strengthen, motivate and bless others. We ought to not abandon our gifts but instead embrace it. Dance a gift is used as an act of worship.

Our Purpose is to minister to the individuals via dance, praise and worship. We also encourage and support individuals while communicating His message via expressive movements and spiritual connection via the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Through dance, songs which are inspired by God’s word come alive and permit an opportunity to encounter God’s presence.
Our motto is In Him we live and move and have our being. I am a dance minister I preach the word of God through Movement.

Our team consists of our Leader, Celea Brown, Assistant leaders, Chevanese Smith and Bria and other members comprise of Alivia, Bria, Chanae, Tamara, Gabby, Felisha, Kaneta, Cecil


EYC Worship is the worship team of Bahamas Faith Ministries youth church, Emerge Youth Church. Based in New Providence the capital of the Bahamas, it is led By Praise Team Director, Renee Farquharson.

Formed in 2019, EYC Worship’s vision is to see lives changed through the encounter of God’s Presence. EYC Worship is made up of vibrant spirit filled worship leaders who serve faithfully during Sunday morning and Wednesday night services. Since the beginning, EYC worship has believed in the power of delivering and ministering songs that lift up the name of Jesus Christ and to experience the depths of His love. It is their intentions to reflect what God is doing in and through the Youth of Bahamas Faith Ministries.

They recognize the importance of worship and direct their worship towards the cross, for their worship is all about Jesus and what He has done for all mankind. EYC Worship Strives to make the name of Jesus Famous for He is the spotlight of our praise. We are nothing without Him, we are broken and desperate and our souls long to be in His presence. For in His presence we live and move and have our being and there you can find fullness of joy. There is no better place to be than in his presence because we are made clean, healed, and restored.

EYC Worship invites you to experience the freedom and Joy that comes through the worship of the true, living and soon coming king, Jesus Christ!